Sarah Blodgett is comedy’s Everyday Starlet. Bondage Feather TicklersA comedian, glamour girl and a celebrity (even if the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet), Sarah brings her unique perspective, personal experiences, and observational humor to every stage she takes. Suspender Stockings has been featured on the Today Show, Inside Edition, and Comcast On-Demand, and was the winner of Chicago’s Snubfest 2010, as well as The Comedy Studio’s Comic-In-Residence in October 2009. A writer as well, Sarah’s jokes have been published in Reader’s Digest. This Starlet even competed as the only stand-up comic in the 2006 Miss Massachusetts Pageant. She runs a growing beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, Everyday Starlet, where she inspires everyday women to bring glamour to their everyday lives. Sarah performs stand-up comedy throughout the US, and is a regular on the comedy scene in New England, continuing to prove that pretty can be funny.

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