Tenga Flex

Tenga Flex – Silky White & Rocky Black

The Tenga Flex was given to us from Tenga for our honest review, both the following masturbator’s have the exact same feature’s but with different sleeves. Animal Print Lingerie will be reviewed together in a comparison, first I will talk about the following features of the products i.e. how they work and what’s included in the packaging. I would then move onto the differences between the two products and provide a comparison on which is better for your situation. Masturbator’s like these all come with different sleeves that give different types of pleasure, so something I prefer is probably something that wouldn’t always appeal to your needs, so please take that into consideration when reading the following review.

Both of the Tenga Flex’s come in a plastic packaging which look like they are lock sealed, at a closer look you can see that these are really easy to grab a hold as this is a simple plastic clip sealed by a cellotape kind of seal. Within the packaging you will notice a spiralled looking masturbator with a user manual and some dedicated Tenga lube, this isa great start for someone who want’s to take it out of its packaging and go straight into using it.

The following masturbators both include a removable lid which includes a stand which can be used to help dry the sleeve when washed, with the lid and stand removed you can now use the product as if its a standard sleeve masturbator. These both include a function different to other masturbator’s as they can both be twisted while being used you simply twist the whole of the outer casing you can also cover up the air hole to create a more intense suction, this controls the tightness of masturbator.

Once the Tenga Flex has been used and are ready to be cleaned you can use the following lid and stand to help with the cleaning process, you can remove teh sleeve from the outer casing and then rinse it out with regular soap and water you can even turn the sleeve inside out to make sure it’s fully clean then once the sleeve has been washed out and is ready to dry you are able to push the lid inside out to use the plastic pole that comes inside the maturbator to attach to the lid as a stand. With the lid inside out you will be able to slide the sleeve back onto it’s stand to leave to dry, this makes it an easy way to clean the Tega Flex and I absolutely love the idea of having a cleaning utility so conveniently packed within the masturbator. Once the sleeve is dry you can then turn the cap back the right way and use the pole to insert it back into the casing.

More further instructions can be found atTENGA

The Tenga Flex Rocky Black was a tight experience and from the name I kind of thought so from the start, this masturbator came with a sleeve which included a lot of prickly and rocky tight textures which make a lot of sense considering the name has rocky written all over it. With that said the following review is about all the contents that come with the following product and unfortunately that includes the Tenga lube which has been one of my worst lubes so far. You can use a lube of your choice I find the Tenga lube is somewhat stringy and hard to handle into the masturbator.

Overall I did enjoy this masturbator, it was a textured and tight feeling experience and I have not much to complain about it as it clearly states that this is more used for tightness. With that in mind I believe that a lot of lube should be used when using this maturbator at times it can be tighter even when not twisting to a desired tightness, as stated earlier I can’t really complain about the tightness as this sleeve is made for a more intense experience. Even though the experiance can be uncomfortable at times if you twist the outer casing too much or create too much of a suction I still believe that this masturbator is worth the purchase.

I do reccomend the Rocky Black to those who want a more extreme textured sleeve, I enjoy the texure alone however when combined with the Flex twisty outer casing I find it gets a little too much for me so I just use it as a regular masturbator without twisting the casing.

The Tenga Flex silky white is the softer and more “silky” feeling sleeve and with that in mind this has to be my favourite out of the two, silky textures always have been my favourites due to the soft textures. With that in mind I still believe that the rocky black is still a good masturbator, considering the tightness can be overwhelming at times. With the Flex capability’s this makes everything more tight and with the extra softness and the silky soft feel this makes to good combination, I definitly preferred to use the Sily White Flex than the Rocky Black as there was no overwhelming feeling when being used. I am able to twist the outer casing and create a higher ammount of suction and not get too over stimulated to the point it’s uncomfortable.

In conclusion I have decided that out of the two I would rather buy the Silky White Tenga Flex over the Rocky Black Tenga Flex, but if I had the money to spare I would definitly go out of my way to buy the both of them. These two masturbators are amazing They are very unique and I really do like teh way you can twist the whole outer casing to create extra suction it is something none of my other masturbators offer with that said I have decided to give an overall score for the both as they were practically the same item with a different sleeve. I do prefer the Silky White as I like a softer less intense textured sleeve,I would reccomend this to those who are very sensitive to textures.Top Tips For Achieving Multiple Orgasms

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